What Is A Career? Not A Job

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What is a career? Not a job, but a career - something a person wants to do for the rest of their life! Something a person, that when they wake up, they jump out of bed and say, “Today I’m going to work”. This describes someone who had no idea what a career was and decided on what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It started when a teenage boy played video games non-stop. He spent all his free time on video games until he met other people from the same school on a console called Xbox 360. They played and played for about a year till finally they became best friends. Well the teenager didn’t know them outside of gaming so he took it upon himself to learn some of their interest. So he researched and researched (how ironic) but the topic he researched happened to be vehicles and there internals boy once he started looking and seeing what’s under the hood he fell in love with the total idea of fixing and boosting a vehicle. At that moment is when he found his career. That’s all it takes is one look, one video, and one sound of the most amazing mechanism produced by mankind. Being a master technician is not only fixing cars, but boosting them to feel the anxiety and adrenaline rush of knowing the speed, how much horse power the car is pushing, and getting maximum output, therefore, someone pursing this career would need to know the education/experience, travel opportunities, job requirements, and salary to be successful. Studying to be a master technician can be
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