What Is A Comfort Zone Essay

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A whole new scenario, a bunch of unknown people and very far away from my comfort zone, is exactly where I found myself at three and a half years ago. It was sophomore year at a new high school and I was the new girl that knew no one. I felt so lost in a different world that I immediately regretted changing schools. I had no friends and no one made the effort to try to fit me in in their groups so I was like a weird creature. I was so used of knowing everyone that surrounded me and getting along with every single person that arriving at a whole new environment not having any friends made me very nervous. As the days continued to pass on, I started feeling a little bit more in my comfort zone. I was already making good friends and I did not felt like a lonely person anymore. I was starting to be the same old me. Everything was going well until one day when I saw in the bulletin board that they were having tryouts for female flag football and female soccer team. When I saw it, I was extremely happy because I really love playing those sports and I automatically told my girlfriend that I was going to the tryouts and I invited her to go with me, but instead she looked at me with a strange face, laugh at me and told me that “we” did not play sports. Referring to women. I started to believe…show more content…
Thanks to my guts of running for vice-president I proved myself that I could not let other people tell me what I am capable of or even put a limit to me of doing what I am really passionate about. In that moment, I decided that I was going to the tryouts despite what my girlfriends thought of it. I got accepted in the two teams and it really made me very happy. I missed playing those sports and being the type of girl that knows a lot about flag and soccer and there is nothing wrong with it. Is just who I am and what I like to do. It does not have to be what everyone else likes because that is what makes me who I
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