What Is A Cultural Identity?

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What is a cultural identity? According to the definition from Wikipedia, cultural identity is “the identity or feeling of belonging to, as part of the self-conception and self-perception to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, locality and any kind of social group that have its own distinct culture,”. (1) Both the authors, Moses Milstein in “Memories of Montreal—and Richness” and Rohinton Mistry in “Lend Me Your Light” indicate the difference in seeing the cultural identity between themselves and their families and friends. Coincidentally, both authors use flashback in their essays to narrate the stories. While Milstein highlights the lack of cultural identity of his son by comparing his childhood life with his son’s youth, Mistry emphasizes the different attitudes toward cultural identity between himself and his friend Jamshed by comparing their lives during school days. Milstein starts the essay with a description of an ordinary day of his son’s life in April. The place where Milstein and his family live in is surrounded by “a gentle shower of cherry blossoms”. (Milstein, 150; par. 1) And the area where they live in is a “serene neighbourhood unmolested”. (Milstein, 150; par. 1) However, comparing to his own childhood in Montreal, he blames himself for giving his son such a comfortable living environment. The living condition was not so good when Milstein was a child. The street was “studded with chunks of sandy moraine from winter’s retreating
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