What Is A Cultural Policy?

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What is a cultural policy? Cultural policy is described by Caron Atlas as “policy is connected to all major issues of our society: economic stratification, race relations, international relations, technology, education, and community development. (Atlas) Cultural policy is the area of public policy-making that governs activities related to the arts and culture. For example: Take a look at Hamilton, Ontario they have art, heritage, dance and music. What makes Hamilton standout is festival and events, a thriving art scene, stories and customs, a strong sense of history. Hamilton has a beautiful architectural designs, outdoor art, parks, farmer’s markets and waterfalls. All of these things create a cultural vibrancy which helps build the community and give it a cultural identity. Take a look at the Avon Company. Their recorded sales in 2008 were $10,588.9 which was up 7% from the previous year. Avon operates in about 126 countries (I may have miscounted) and most of their profits come from their international presence. Also five of the top ten executives are women. This is an important strategy on the international stage, in my opinion. They obviously have a great global team in place and a great business model. This displays international associations in a positive and profitable view. This shows Avon understands diversity and cross-cultural relationships. Why do we need to have a cultural policy? Cultural policy is necessary to help educate, produce and
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