What Is A Diary?

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What is a diary?
A diary is a bridge between the written language and our deepest emotions. The reason why a diary is so special is because it is most often used for one’s self, and not intended for publication. Therefore, there is no need to hide one’s true emotions since what is written has no chance of being shared or judged by anyone. Since a diary usually remains confidential, and free from judgement and criticism, it is one of the only places where a person has no need for a filter. It can be said that a diary is an extension of the mind1.
I still don’t get it…
Imagine our ocean. Our ocean is filled with around 93 to 236 thousand metric tons of plastic2. This ocean, although very much real, is also metaphorically the present state of our self-conscious minds against society. It basically represents our vast pool of consciousness. And the plastic? Well, those are all the rules, barriers and limits established and built by the culture that surrounds us. With all these rules, barriers and limits blocking and detouring our train of thought, how can we navigate our way through the murky, dark waters of our polluted consciousness? That is where a diary comes in to save the day. With a diary, we don’t have to navigate a maze of a million different opinions and proper etiquettes, simply because we don’t want to be judged. The diary is our open book to a far deeper and honest inner reflection of ourselves, and all we need to do… is simply to start writing.
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