What Is A Fairy Trip Essay

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One sunny day, I found myself in a strange city on a mountain covered with something white and cold. Everything started when I was reading a story about fairy creatures in a forest. While I was reading, I wished to have a chance to go to the forest and met them. Unfortunately, when I wished that, one of those fairy creatures achieved my wish. There was only one problem with that, and the problem was that it is hard to go back home again. Thus, my journey trying to go back had started.
What I needed was a magician, who could give me the wishes box, and so, I would be able to go home again. Luckily, I had my smartwatch, which could help me think of what to do. Pico, my smartwatch, told me that the magicians from the Fairyland are brilliant enough to find a wishes box for me. Thus, I set off to the Fairyland to find the most masterful magician in the world, Mr. Wise Man.
Being there, I had a chance to see how fairies could live above all those years. I realized that those creatures are clever although they are smaller than us. They worked hard to do their work and organized everything. They traveled in magical crafts and lived in houses that could shrink to the size of small capsules. So, they can hide from the human world. Their streets were astonishing as they were rainbows, and their children and guests used clouds as
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Wise Man, who preferred to live alone. Finding him was like looking for a needle in a haystack. No one helped me because they were all afraid of me because my appearance sounded not familiar to them. While I was there, it was rumored that a Mr. Evil came to fairyland. Pico told me that the Mr. Evil was an old and strong man, whose job was to hunt fairies. The rumors developed that Mr. Evil became a man, who could grow smaller and became a child. So, he can hunt fairies without raising any suspicion. Anyway, who Mr. Evil was, I did not love that he was fairies’ hunter. I am NOT hunter! I do love
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