What Is A Field Trip Essay

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Can a rewarding field trip be beneficial or change the lives of young students, despite GKB’s argument that they are not? Yes, I think they do. A reward trip can yield benefits similar to--and different from-- a field trip to an art museum. Once a child goes to a place beyond the classroom it opens the child to view a different ideas of the world and expectations which is intertwined with something they can enjoy. I was lucky enough to get to go and enjoy The World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, Georgia in the 7th grade. When I went to this museum, I was educated on the creation and the background of the Coca-Cola enterprise. Once it was all over, I had a new outlook on life just from a small bubbly beverage.
Schools want to continue to foster interest in education by creating fun, entertaining, rewarding and liberating educational opportunities. So they take students to Theaters, Art Museums, Historic Cities, and even Amusement Parks just to give the children some variety and excitement to add to their day outside the classroom. Field trips are either a preplanned idea or something thrown into the semester to end a study period. When field
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Sometimes places accommodate schools, as it states in the article about Crystal Bridges Museum of America, "because the tour is completely free to school, and because Crystal Bridges was built in an area that never previously had an art museum, there was a high demand for school tours." (Green, et al. 2) So when schools don't get sent the bill of the field trip cost, they are more likely to send students on "rewarding” field trips, like mine, to The World of Coca-Cola museum. The opportunity to go to the World of Coca-Cola museum helped me realize how “rewarding” field trips can teach children about social interactions and morals and how these lessons could be
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