What Is A Gap Of Sky

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Anna Hope: ”A Gap of Sky” Young teenagers are being put under crazy amounts of pressure these days and ”A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope are facing those problems young people might feel. In this case, it’s is a short story about a young girl facing multiple dilemmas. It portrays the main character, Ellie, a 19 year-old girl describing what it feels like being left to yourself in a city without the support from others. We’re able to tell that an omniscient third person narrator tells the story with lacking emotions towards Ellie and her use of drugs. As a reader, the story gives the expression of a confusing and easily distracted narrator. As mentioned, Ellie is a student living by herself in the big city, London. She’s having varied feelings…show more content…
However, her mind suddenly changes when she sees the theme in the museum, living and death. It’s sort of a wake up call for her because she had the idea of her being untouchable and all of a sudden a reality check hits her, because no one is immortal - not even Ellie. After this she wants to be cleansed which is why she goes to the river but once again she’s getting distracted. She realises that she needs to make a change in her life in order to keep on living. A symbol of this is when she holds the orange stone: “It is a deep orangey-red. Red jasper says the sign. It is light, almost weightless. With a jolt, Ellie remembers her mother giving her a stone like this” . Orange is the colour of the sun, the colour of fall and the colour of change. It brings positivity and is encouraging. Ellie thinks about her mother in this moment and it reminds her that maybe somebody loves and thinks about her. In the end Ellie is standing at the river and her fight with her inner self is flaring and she has to decide what she wants to do in life. It’s an open ending which gives us the opportunity to decide what happens to her later in life. Will she move on from her drug abuse or finish her course in time? Looking at the title “A Gap of Sky” is refering to when Ellie looks up in the skies and only sees a gap which could be a glimpse of her life. She’s only able to enjoy some of her life as most of it is covered in grey skies. Overall Ellie is wasting her life because she’s afraid of what’s coming. This is why an open ending is a good
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