What Is A Good Teacher?

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Introduction Before anyone becomes a teacher, they are a student, which can give a sort of dichotomous understanding of the teacher-student dynamic. The teacher is powerful and authoritative, one who both has and provides vast degrees of knowledge, at times oppressive but always in control. Standing in stark contrast are the students, unsure of themselves and wanting to learn, shaping their relationship to the classroom around the all-encompassing authority of the teacher. Actually stepping out of that dynamic, transcending that barrier and filling the teacher’s shoes, helps one to realize that though being the teacher is as empowering as it is confusing, it’s extraordinarily vulnerable and drives one to constant self-analysis and…show more content…
There will certainly be students that I’m simply unable to help, just as there are good and bad teaching days. Despite this, I want to do what I can to inspire as many students as possible. To do this, I’ll need a lot more experience teaching in the classroom, seeing what kinds of students react to what stimuli and under what circumstances students feel excited about learning. Strengths and Weaknesses I believe I already have some strengths that can help push me toward this goal. I feel comfortable talking in front of other people and I’m not easily shaken. I have an upbeat personality and find it easy bringing that attitude to the classroom. I can put together a lesson plan that flows rather well and have so far been successful at constructing activities that students enjoy. I feel like I’ve thus far been able to bring an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge to the classroom which the students sometimes reflect back at me. Though of course, I have weaknesses as well. Facilitating conversation in speaking activities has proved difficult for me. This surprised me somewhat; I thought that since I can be a talkative person at times, speaking activities would be easy for me. This was because I didn’t realize that the speaking activities are not time for me to speak. I had difficulty settling into the role of moderator and allowing conversation to progress naturally. More than once in class I’ve seen discussion drift away from where I was trying to direct it and have
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