What Is A Happy Marriage? Essay

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What Is A Happy Marriage? - A 16 Step Guide To Becoming Your Wife 's Prince Charming By M B Laloli Feb 26, 2013 What is a happy marriage? All little girls dream of kissing a frog and ending up in a fairy tale romance with a handsome prince. Fairy tales such as The Frog Prince, Snow White and Cinderella embedded in our our minds a belief that life is full of magic. Subconsciously, the little girl in your wife dreams of a handsome prince to lead her through life 's journey. However she has become disenchanted because you, her husband, have not lived up to expectations and failed to fulfill the princely role. When you got married, your wife wished to live happily ever after. So men, do you want to know how to become your wife 's Prince Charming? It is simple, make her your Princess. Become the leader she is geneticall programmed to want and need. Just like in in politics, in business and in society, leadership is the key ingredient to having a successful and happy marriage.. The key ingredients of a happy marriage are 1) Leadership - Leadership is the number one critical factor in a happy marriage. Wherever you look in society there is a leader - politics, religion, business. Marriage is no different. It requires a leader, a prince charming, to head the family and protect it from danger. Females are genetically programmed to want and need a leader; it dates back to the caveman days and has been kept alive in fairy tales and romantic Mills and Boon novels ever since. 2)
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