What Is A Lawyer?

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What is a lawyer? Can lawyer help people short term and long term? Do they help out the community and the society? Do they help put people in and out of jail? Well let’s talk about lawyers first. There are different types of lawyer and i’m going going to list them. Business Lawyer, Employment and Labor Lawyer, Finance and Securities Lawyer, Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Family Lawyer, Estate Planning Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Traffic Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Digital Media and Internet Lawyer, Entertainment Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Legal Malpractice or Professional Responsibility Lawyer and Real Estate Lawyer. So let’s talk about the different types of lawyers.Business law is quite broad, and business lawyers will often deal with several areas of law discussed below, including employment, intellectual property, and mergers and acquisitions. Finance Lawyer help people get or take money. Employment & Labor lawyers are exactly as they sound; they handle issues relating to employment. Estate Lawyer help with Living Wills, Trusts and Wills. Tax Lawyer help businesses and individuals comply with state and federal laws when filing their tax returns. Criminal Defense Lawyer help defend people accused of committing a crime against prosecution by the government, with the goal of reducing their sentencing or helping them stay out of jail. Traffic Lawyer usually very…

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