What Is A Leader?

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What is a leader? When thinking of the answer to this question, one might merely reflect on the qualities that a leader bestow. Qualities such as courage, commitment, charisma and character. When imagining the faces of our great historical leaders, one might imagine, Nelson Mandela, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President Barack Obama or even Oprah. The point being, when imagining leaders, many tend to look upon the faces of those in political, religious and business environments and the roles they execute in their settings. Very rarely do individuals tend to recall those who play a role behind the scenes away from work. The parent(s). Many forget that leadership begins at home.
The most influential time of an individual falls between birth and 5 years old. This makes the parent(s) the most influential person in every individual’s life. Early Psychologists such as Erik Erickson (1963), Jean Paiget (1967) and Abraham Maslow (1970) all stressed the extreme need an infant and toddler have for attachment and environmental support. Everything ranging from the type of housing, presence of the parent(s) and the living lifestyle can affect the individual’s mental growth and capacity for change. Providing a physically and emotionally healthy, and supportive environment will ensure that the child’s basic needs will be met.
However, it is 2015 and in today’s society, parents face a wide range of external influences that directly affect a child’s wellbeing. The simplicity of

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