What Is A Metaphor Used By Zhuangzi

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To "wander far and unfettered" is to let go of narrowly constructed views. We don't know everything, and it is important to not think we do. The physical body can be deaf and blind, and understanding is the exact same way. Zhuangzi uses a couple metaphors to demonstrate this. For instance, the fledgling dove and cicada could not fathom that the Peng fish "transformed" into a bird. This is similar when Zhuangzi acknowledges philosopher Song Xing. The first step is guarding the identity and self from external praise and condemnation. In the metaphor about the gourd, the man did not think big enough. Zhuangzi uses the example about the balm to indicate that the difference is in the way it is used. In the last metaphor, Zhuangzi encourages
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