What Is A Policy And Its Purpose?

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What is a Policy and Its Purpose? The basic definition of policy is “a definite course of action adopted for the sake of expediency, facility, etc.” In terms of an agency it would be a set of rules or ways of doing things that the agency must follow to comply with the mission of the facility. Social Policies are looked at as “collective responses to perceived social problems.” There are three ways in which policies are looked at and responded to. The first way is that they are looked at as things to help solve problems. An example of this would be Social Security. The second way to look at it is that policy can be used to ameliorate a problem without there being a concrete resolution to the problem. Two examples of this includes child welfare and welfare policies. Lastly, the can be presented in a way that aims to avoid the problem all together. An example of this would be a lack of national health insurance. A lot of the time policy is looked at as dealing with regulation of benefits to people who are “in need.” They are also looked at as “principles, activities, or frameworks” which are there to make the most of the well-being of a community or an individual. The purpose of policy is to make sure that the needs of the agency and those that make use of the services are being met. What Normally Accompanies a Policy & How Often Should a Policy Be Reviewed/Updated? The thing that normally accompanies a policy would be a social problem. It starts off with a social problem.
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