What Is A Positive Test For Glucose

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1. A positive test for Glucose was seen after Benedict’s Solution (which had a blue tint) was added to another solution containing Glucose then heated in a bath of boiling water on a hot plate, for five minutes. The results that determined that this solution tester positive for Glucose was the colour change in the liquid from a diluted blue tint to a pale opaque yellow colour. This was used as an indication for a positive test for Glucose due to the fact that the other distilled water solution which did not possess any Glucose and did not change colour or clarity throughout the reaction tests.

2. The test for lipids was viewed as being positive when the Sudan III Reagent was added to the lipid solution. The chemical change indicating the presence of protein was seen after adding the Sudan III Reagent to the Lipid solution which when inverted a couple of time mixed together creating a blood orange colour, high viscous liquid. In comparison to the test that had no traces for lipid, in this case it was the distilled water, the reaction had to chemical changes to indicate other wise. The liquid changed from a clear, colourless liquid to a transparent diluted red liquid as a result of adding in the red Sudan III Reagent.

3. A positive test for starch was seen as the after the Iodine Solution was added to the Starch solution. This reaction was use as an indicator the the urine reactions to determine the presents of starch in the urine sample. After, the Iodine Solution was

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