What Is A Projectile?

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What is a projectile? In “what is a projectile” (Physics Classroom, 2015), a projectile is a moving object and the only force acting upon it is gravity. The actual path of a projectile could vary according to the position and direction of the launch of the projectile. The image ‘types of projectiles’ (2015) shows three types of projectiles. P1 is the projectile which has the movement only in vertical direction while P2 has more vertical and a little horizontal motion thus moving in two dimensions. P3 has both motions almost equal. Projectile has the characteristic of being under influence the force of gravity only. If the path of a moving object is affected significantly by some air resistance, the object is not a projectile any more. It is also not a projectile while at the source or when it hits something during its flight. A ball shown in the diagram below is not a projectile till the ball leaves the hands of the person dropping it or throwing it. The air resistance can be ignored at this point because the effect is not significant. It again seizes to be a projectile when it is in contact with the ground because the force of the reaction from the ground and the force of friction has come into action. P1 P2 P3 Diagram 1 Assumptions: Several examples of projectiles will be under discussion during the following study, so it is
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