What Is A Public Leader?

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Introduction: What is a public leader? When it comes to leaders, many definitions can be created upon. Leaders can be anyone from the friendly neighborhood elderly who tends to give speeches to the neighborhood youth, or the highly praised bad boy thug that preaches to the streets about how crazy the world is, or the drum major leading the field show in the marching band. Ideally, a public leader “is one who holds a public office to serve and guides the community as a whole” (http://www.yourdictionary.com/public-leadership).
In current times the ideal public leader would be those individuals that holds some type of public office or high government job. However, all of these persons, whether it’s the government office worker or the neighborhood elder follow the same theories to be in the position they currently hold. These theories give explanation and the understanding to how public leaders think, and their styles of leading their community.

Leadership Theories Although there are many leadership theories in the unwritten book of public leadership. Leaders today follow these same writings and styles dating back to the 1930’s. Many public leaders may think they are doing what they think is right but they unknowingly follow a guide that was establish years ago. On major theory that supports the definition of a leader is the Contingency theory (1960’s). This theory argues that there is no specific way of leading. One could lead in many different ways and be different at all
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