What Is A Realist Worldview?

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Most people would agree that character is defined as how a person deals with their most challenging circumstances. Adversity at times in a person's life is inevitable, and in many instances, a wrong choice is taken or a poor decision is made, simply because the pressure of the situation was too much to handle. However, these decisions are directly influenced by the way the person in the challenging situation looks at what they are going through, and this can be defined as their attitude. Attitude is important because the way someone considers a situation logically controls how they handle it, and if its taken care of in a satisfactory manner, or otherwise. Although it has been argued that a realist or pessimist worldview is an acceptable attitude for any situation, it is clear that and optimistic attitude and worldview is the key to handling any challenging situation in a way that is beneficial, and is ultimately the key to success in life. In the classroom, students are presented with challenges designed to enhance their knowledge, in addition to preparing them for the next stage in life, the professional workplace. However, many students do not look at academic rigor…show more content…
For instance, students typically develop an understanding of what subjects they consistently score high grades in, in addition to the subjects that they underachieve in. A realist attitude can be associated with one of acceptance; The student recognizes that their strengths are not well utilized well in that academic area, and they do not try their best in that area, because of the assumption that they are going to fail. While its important to consider that success can be achieved with a realist attitude, the tendency to not try as hard because the result is a foregone conclusion is a definite drawback to the
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