What Is A Reflection In Strategic Leadership

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A reflection in Strategic Leadership Before coming to USAWC I think that my experience and knowledge gained during the twenty-five years of service is an important quality to possess. At one point I thought: “A few years until retirement, and probably no special secrets for me to discover during the academic year. I can only confirm existing knowledge, gained some new and meet an interesting people before returning home". Much to my surprise, already after the first reading and discussion at the seminar, I realize that this will be more interesting than I had hoped. The first lessons were related to leadership and I was wondering what's new here. I thought I knew a theory about leadership. After all, I am an author of a document about the leadership in SAF.
But, the first readings, seminar dialogues and discussions are shedding new light on my thinking about leadership in general, my knowledge and experience, traits, values and shortcomings. Thanks to the readings and discussions in outstanding environment I become aware of what one colonel told to me: “This is going to be the best year of your career”. It looks like he's going to be right. Next academic year is a great opportunity for me to build strategic leadership competencies and achieve outcomes of USAWC’s curriculum.
According to given task and my aspiration in the future, I will attempt to express my reflection in two of four mission specific outcomes based on GEN Powell’s autobiography: strategic leaders and
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