What Is A Reflection Of The Culture Of Education?

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As I entered my Anthropology and Sociology of the School class, three days after walking in my master’s graduation ceremony, I was filled with accomplishment, satisfaction, and knowledge. I was ready to take on the world of teaching, armed with my soon to be diploma. I just had to complete two remaining classes. “I got this”, I thought. Abruptly, I was faced with the realization of what I did not know about the education world I was entering. I was hit with one thought-provoking concept after another. The culture of schooling institutions directly reflecting the power of culture. Education and society viewed as meritocracy structures rooted in a system of performance and punishment directly linked to power and resources. These structures are self-reproducing due to a consenting society unaware of the hierarchy and hegemony of which they function. (Refer to Class 1 notes) My brain hurt. My mind was spinning in a multitude of directions. How did I function in this system? How did I not see this before? How was I going to navigate these issues as a new teacher? These are the questions I needed to answer.
After dissecting the educational system as a reflection of the hierarchies established by the hegemony society, I am faced with the knowledge of the self-reproducing structure. The school, disguised as an equal opportunity for all, acts as a machine to produce people of a pre-determined roles according to race, gender, and class. These pre-determined traits, as well as your
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