What Is A Romantic Tragedy?

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What is a Romantic tragedy? How are they useful when it comes to the genre of romantic films? Well, a romantic tragedy can be a very successful genre to work with. Although for some directors, making a romantic tragedy can become taxing on them or the actors. If something were to go wrong the movie ends up being worse that what it was meant to be. It becomes a catastrophic rendition of a romantic tragedy. When I first started taking this class, I found that there are a lot of different pieces in a film which can make or break it. A lot rides on how good the actors are at expressing feelings and not sounding robotic. These areas, or so I have come to learn, are generally categorized as: cinematography, special effects, the characters, their acting ability, the soundtrack, the plot, the cultural discourse, the narration and the surroundings.
I feel that the discourses are particularly important in this genre as the subject matter. They should automatically be viewed as cultural artifacts because they reveal the different attitudes and values to those of the modernized viewer. Therefore, the director of this genre must be able to work really hard in order to get the viewers to pay money to become caught up in the drama of a romantic tragedy. The suspense of the viewer is often referred to as verisimilitude, or in layman 's terms, the illusion or perception of reality. In creating verisimilitude, the one thing that all movie producers strive for is being able to give that to…
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