What Is A Router? And Why Is It Important For The Internet?

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Section 2: 1. What is a router? And why is it important for the Internet? Routers are devices that are used to route packets of data through different networks and ensure that data sent reaches the correct address. A router shares the Internet signal between multiple devices. In order to connect to the Internet, every device needs an IP address. The router then accesses the Internet through ISP provided IP address and creates hidden local IP addresses for other devices to access Internet. The biggest advantage of routers is not only sharing and accessing Internet but also enhanced security from criminals as the local IP addresses are not broadcasted and are invisible. Routers however are also prone to security risks if not configured correctly. There fore it is essential to have a WPA-2 encryption method than WPA or WEP to safe guard it from cyber criminals. 2. What is a “packet” of data? Why is “Packet switching” important to Internet or any digital network? Packets are bits and pieces of data that are transmitted independently over various communications channels and reassembled at their final destination. Each “packet “consists of a number assigned to the packet, a message in the packet and specific information about intended destination. Packet switching is one of the key network technologies and has significant advantages over client/server computing. Packet switching is inexpensive when compared to client/server computing. It also has the ability to
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