What Is A Situational Leadership Model

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Situational Leadership Model
By: Anna Stadnikov
What is a situational leadership model? A situational leadership model is a model that was created to make a working environment run better. The way it works is by making the management evaluate the work environment and choose what type of leadership style would fit their work environment. When this type of model is used employees are taken into consideration. No longer the management is just a boss that tells its employees what to do. Instead people are treated equally making sure that the environment that is set works for everyone.
Understanding a situational leadership model? To choose the best leadership model, one must make sure that one understands how a situational model is read. In
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They need a leader who will lead them.
What is happening in the company?
1. Employees gossip behind each other’s backs.
2. Employees do know their job, but they are not trained to properly conduct the business.
3. Employees are not motivated to think about the company conducting better business.
Analysis from observation
Looking over the model and addressing it seems that the employees are at a low level of maturity and have some work competence, and others are at low level of maturity and have very little competence. What we see from these situations is that they need a leader who will not only direct them, but coach them as well. The stage that the company is currently at is the Telling stage they need someone who will tell them what to do because they are in the storming stage of team development. Each person sees themselves as an individual and not very committed to their job. To save this company John Clements needs to step up and tell his employees what to do and how to do it.
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