What Is A Special Experience Essay

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I woke up in the middle of a what seems to be a forest. Careful observation might tell me that something about this forest seems odd compared to the forests that I have seen and perhaps allow me to think more clearly about the situation. But I wasn’t able to, as the memory of what happened just moment ago came back to me.

I was sitting in class as the students one by one walked to the teacher’s podium and got their abilities checked.

Special abilities or traits came into existence about a millennium ago and by now everyone was already used to them. During the last year of high school, the people used a special stone, which came into existence along with the abilities, to ‘unlock’ or ‘activate’ the abilities in said students.

It’s called ‘special abilities’ but really they’re just divided
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The color turns green, a variant of water ability, this one is rare but not unheard of. It allows control of water in living organisms. It is one of the most powerful abilities.

But suddenly the ground starts shaking. Is it an earthquake? I look towards the rest of the class but it doesn’t seem like they feel anything unusual. Am I the only one feeling these tremors?

“Hey, teach, isn’t the ground moving?”

“An earthquake? But I don’t feel anything like that at all.”

The tremors get stronger, making me lose balance and fall to the ground.

What’s happening?

The teacher is trying to tell me something, but I can’t hear her properly over all this noise of the earthquake.

A crack opens up in the floor beneath me and I see all darkness through it. Impossible. We’re on the top floor of the building. Below this should be another floor, not the ground.

But the world doesn’t listen to my reasoning, and the crack starts expanding. I try to crawl away from the crack but it spreads too fast. I fall inside the
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