What Is A Team?

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Within the business world, the words ‘group’ and ‘team’ are commonly used but they do not mean the same and there are differences. With recognising the differences, it can help any business manager to lead more effectively, their people to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. So, what is the difference? Below is a description on both the terms; What is a Group? In the workplace, a group is made up of three or more people who acknowledge themselves as a specific unit or department and work on their own to achieve their company’s goals and tend to be permanent fixtures with ongoing goals or objectives. So group members have a shared knowledge of the group’s objectives and goals but specific tasks and responsibilities are given to different individuals. So, by separating work into groups i.e. a group devoted to marketing, a group devoted to estimating etc, the individuals within the various groups are able to fulfil their expertise on a long term basis. What is a Team? A team comprises of three or more people who come from different units or departments within the company with varying skills, knowledge and experience but they regularly collaborate in order to achieve a set target, objective or project. It is also known that ‘Teams’ are often formed for temporary assignments with one main goal, focus or outcome in mind. So, it can be said that teams should be able to avoid potential problems at the early stages of the project. An example of this is, if a team is
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