What Is A True American Essay

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Don't be afraid to change because change only leads to a new beginning. Is there really such thing as freedom, how would you react if you could go somewhere without being judged and you can be who you really are? America is meant to be a place of freedom. A true American knows when they leave their home countries they are leaving their loved ones and family traditions behind. A true American is someone that can adapt to the new American traditions quickly. A true American isn’t someone that was just born there, they have to follow all the traditions in America. However, this may not apply to some people that consider themselves American, but they might not have taken the time to think about if they really are a true American. Have you ever taken the time to think about if you were a true American? Essentially, a true American knows when they leave…show more content…
There are more people that came to America from another country than there are people that were born in America. If a true American was someone born in America, there wouldn’t be lots of people that are true Americans. Just because someone is born in America doesn’t mean they are true American. This is because they might not follow all of the American traditions. According to the website it states “Groundhog Day, made famous by the 90s comedy film of the same name, is the 2nd February. Folklore has it that if, when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on the 2nd of February it is cloudy, then spring will come early. If it is sunny, however, the groundhog will upon seeing its shadow retreat back underground and winter weather will continue for another 6 weeks.” This shows one tradition that you must follow and if you don’t you aren’t a true American. Some people may say that they are a true American, but if you ask them for a reason you won’t get
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