What Is A Typical Day As A Pediatric Nurse?

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What is a typical day as a pediatric nurse? I went into this research paper thinking someone could tell me what a typical day would be like, but I learned that there is no typical day. Your patients are so diverse that they could have any number of varying conditions. You are working with children that could be days old all the way up to early adolescence. Each age group is treated differently, so this adds up a lot of variety to your day.(citytowninfo.com) Kids are so resilient, after you have had to take blood from them, give them a shot, or put in an IV. They can get so scared of you, but then you then they just jump back and have that one moment where they look at you and they give you a smile and you and the child both know everything is okay. Usually the amount of hours that you would work as a pediatric nurse depend on where you work and what you want to do. Working in a hospital you would be working eight to twelve hours at least and working five days a week. Shifts would usually range form 7am to 7pm, 7am-3pm, 3pm to 11pm, or 11pm to 7am. Working in a hospital you will have a variety of shifts that you can work, some on the weekdays others on the weekends.(nurseuniverse.com) Working in the the medical field gives you a ton of different options for when you can work considering the hospital is never empty or closed. Your typical work day will begin with an informational meeting so the nurses and doctors can receive their daily reports; this occurs twenty
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