What Is Abnormal Psychology?

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Abnormal psychology has a troubled past; with a lack of understanding or research into the makings of the human mind and behaviors, people would assume it was the work of outside forces and would only worsen the individual instead of giving them the proper care to recover. Those who suffer(d) from mental health issues often receive incorrect care even in facilities designed to aid them in their healing.

Abnormal psychology is the field that is devoted to studying the mental problems that occur. However, what is considered abnormal varies by culture. Culture is composed of one's history, values, institutions, habits, skills, technology, and arts. What society considers to be "normal" plays a big part on how people are treated in society, some behaviors break legal norms and is perceived as criminal; while some behavior, thoughts, and emotions that break psychological functioning norms are perceived as abnormalities. These aren't the only views attached to social norms, some people's abnormalities are considered eccentric and just a part of their personality. Multicultural psychology is a field that examines the impact of culture, race, ethnicity, and gender on behaviors and thoughts, the study focuses on how these factors potentially influence the origin, nature,
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They help uncover the functioning and reasoning behind abnormalities in the human mind. From the knowledge they acquire, clinical practitioners put the information into use by assessing, detecting, and treating abnormal patterns of functioning. Treatment and therapy are procedures designed to change abnormal behavior into one that’s more normal. Those who undergo these procedures are either referred to as "patients" or "clients". Often times the terminology is based off of the belief of the clinical practitioner; patient tends to be used by those who see abnormality as an illness, while client is used by those who view it as a
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