What Is Addiction To The Cell Phone Addiction

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Phone Addictions The smartphone is a poisonous thing we have in this world. People find what it can really do to you in everyday life. As technology grows into days time the phobia gets worse everyday, apps consuming people's social life or even just their life. The effects on students and adults are unbelievable stats. Nomophia is a disease that makes you addicted to your mobile phone. As the technology grows in the community people get more attached to their phones. “ The key reason for this is that smartphones have become central in communication and are perceived necessary to own in order to stay in touch with others,” (Tran). The technology has grown tremendously throughout the 2,000, and this just helps nomophia. The More the phone does the more addicted people get to their mobile device. When you think of addictions you might think of drugs, and alcohol, even though this disorder is not bad as drugs or alcohol it is still an addiction. On the phone people can now start to gamble, and do other bad things. The phone addiction started leading to the effects of how people sleep and how they fill in the morning. “ Zarin Rahman, 17, became interested in sleep and cell phone use through personal experience,” (Brookshire). The scientist that are observing people about phones at night discovered that the next morning the people woke up were struggling throughout the day. Most people that stay up late are usually staying on there phones. That is just some of the effects.

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