What Is Adhd?. Adhd(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

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What is ADHD? ADHD(attention deficit hyperactive disorder) is typically diagnosed as one of the 3: Combined(Inactive/Hyperactive/Impulsive) Inactive Only(Formerly known as attention deficit disorder) Hyperactive/Impulsive Outgrowing ADHD? In most cases ADHD continues into adulthood. however, by developing the person 's strengths, structuring, environments, and using medication when needed. Children Who Have ADHD? The number of kids that have to be treated for ADHD has risen over the past years. ADHD is currently the most common situated patriotic conditions. Due to awareness and better ways to treat ADHD without medication. Cure for ADHD? Currently there is not a scientifically proven treatment for attention deficit hyperactive…show more content…
People with ADHD have trouble making a plan that says what to do ahead of time. If the person is in class and the teacher tells the student to create a planner of their homework they will have trouble to set it up. Intelligence? People diagnosed with ADHD actually have a great intelligence quotient(IQ). Their IQ is between 90-115 which is a genius level IQ. If you give a person with ADHD 3 multiple choice questions that are difficult they will most likely answer them correctly. Associated Disorders? An estimated 50 percent of people that are diagnosed with ADHD also have behavioral, emotional or academic problems that exist alongside the disorder. These other conditions make living with ADHD much harder, because if the person with ADHD takes one type of medication for one condition it can affect the other conditions. And you can’t overdose on medication, because some tablets are more powerful than others. People that have ADHD are likely to have speech and health conditions such as, upper respiratory infections and allergies. People with attention deficit disorder show forms of antisocial behavior and might have a condition called oppositional defiant disorder. These individuals can be aggressive and verbally disobedient. A significant number of children have something called develop conduct disorder. This allows them to either lie, steal, skip school, or become physically aggressive. In contrast, others with ADHD experience extreme anxiety. They often worry or
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