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AVX Corporation is a global manufacturer of passive electronic components. AVX products include capacitors, connectors, diodes, DLA/MIL-Spec, filters, inductors, resistive products, RF/Microwave, thermistors, timing devices and varistors/fuses. In 1922, the creation of the Radiola Wireless Corporation is the history of AVX which made the radios. In 1924, Radiola sold name and altered to Aerovox Wireless Corporation. In 1972, AVX was constructed as a secondary to manufacture ceramic capacitors. AVX Ceramics incorporated was accepted and in 1973 AVX sold name and non-ceramic business ,so it changed to AVX corporation. When assests of Aerovox were sold , AVX became the parent company. Marshall D. Butler became chairman and CEO and need to responsible…show more content…
Bulter continued to CEO and Benedict P. Rosen has became the new CEO since he was an emplyee when the company started. By 1995, sales approached almost $1 billion a year later after the growth of personal computer , cellular telephone ,the automotive, home appliance and medical markets needed advanced electronic systems. AVX also sold Kyocera products and helped the company began action in Mexico and Indonesia by manufacturing connectors. In 1995 AVX assumed ownership of ELCO Corporation. Kyocera IPO AVX and retains 75%. AVX became public company again on NYSE that netting more than $557 million. In 1998, AVX acquired Thomson-CSF(TPC) Passive Components Division. In early 2001, the economy worldwide was lapsed into recession. By the end of 2001, AVX had 26 plants in 12 countries, 21000 employees, and sales of $2.6 billion The recession has let the revenues dropped to $1.25 billion and the employee numbers totaled 12500 but in 2007 ,AVX acquired American Technical Ceramics(ATC). In 2009, the company determine to close some factories because of the credit crunch . In 2013, AVX required Nichicon’s Tantalum division and in 2017 AVX required AB Electronic, the transportation, sensing and control division of TT Electronics

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