What Is Airport Security Setting

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Vincent Cook How Airport Security is Constricting After 9/11 when the terrorist attacked us and took over a couple of air airplanes, they started to go for our main government buildings. The president started to get concerned about the people's safety in America. So they decide to heavy down on Airport Security. I think they really don't give you any privacy. Paul, Rand has a story to tell about when he went to the Airport and he had to go through the line. They asked him to step aside for a moment and they wanted to full body search him, but they didn't care if he missed his flight or not.” Today [in January 2012], while en route to Washington to speak to hundreds of thousand of people at the March for life, I was detained by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for not agreeing to a pat down after an…show more content…
A lot of people have had personal experiences on bombing and other related things going on in the airport or on the planes. “In the last two weeks, I have been through TSA screening eight times- and not once was I asked to go through the millimeter wave machine, or undergo an enhanced pat down. Odds are that most of the 2.2 million passengers who will go through airport security each day during this holiday weekend will have a similar experience. On the last leg of my trip, I finally asked to go through both procedures to see what all the fuss was about.” ( Personal Experience) He said no one touched him in any type of way that he should have not have been. Everyone will never make up there mind if they like it or not just because everyone has their own opinion about when they go through airport security. But really if they go back to the old way of searching everyone we would have more bomb threats. Manually because there is a lot of types to sneak in a bomb like shoe bombs, underwear bombs and drink bombs. All TSA wants to do is protect our safety but also sometimes they step
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