What Is Ajax's Relationship With Achilles

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In the 9th book Agamemnon is very desperate to save his entire force and possibly the entire Greek army. So, after Nestor proposes that they should try to reconcile with Achilles, Agamemnon sends Phoenix, Odysseus, and Ajax. Agamemnon is prepared to give many gifts and compensation for what he did to Achilles, including, gold, women, cities, land, and even Achilles's prize. “I will give him these and, with them, the woman I took from him, the daughter of Briseous” pg.148 line. 132. Once the three men reach Achilles’s hut they are greeted and welcomed with great food and hospitality. After feasting, Ajax nodded to phoenix to propose the reconciliation with Achilles. Odysseus noticed Ajax’s nod and began to propose the offer. “Their hunger and
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