What Is Allstate Improved Productivity?

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Normally, loss control departments face the pressure like redundant data entry; large expenses of administrative and surveys; inconsistent communication; multiple paper works; and delays reports to the underwriters (“Loss Control”, 2015). However, Allstate insurance company has already solved the problems by using a tablet application of the loss inspection software. With the help of this technology, Allstate has improved productivity. From Streamlines Loss prevention with Risk Control Technologies case study, the loss control department would save half time in the loss prevention requests, process, reduce 60% of the administrative support time, and solve inconsistent communications (2015). For instance, with the technology, the loss control inspectors electronically receive requests, collect information through the tablet, and timely send to underwriters to make decisions.…show more content…
In addition, managing requests and assigning a greater number of field surveys can be done at the same time (“Loss Control”, 2015). Consequently, Allstate has reduced large amounts of administrative cost. Furthermore, Allstate has completely eliminated manual work on uploading the redundant data, which saves processing time and saves cost on office supplies. Additionally, Allstate increases customer satisfactions since this technology effectively supporting the clients to avoid or reduce risks, and the clients also avoid the inconvenience of disruptions resulting from the loss. Therefore, Allstate avoids huge claims and dispute with clients when significant losses occur. Why followers not
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