What Is Amazon's Ethical Mission Statement

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Any successful company requires employers to abide by ethical standards. Successful companies such as Hershey’s and Amazon have created ethical codes to fulfill their companies mission statement. Hershey’s ethical mission states that they will “operate ethically and to lead with integrity” (“Code of Ethical Business”). Amazon’s mission statement is “In performing their job duties, employees should always act lawfully, ethically, and in the best interests of” (“Amazon Investor”). Both companies implement their ethical codes to create a safe work environment, satisfy consumers and generate a reputable company.
The five primary values emphasized in Amazon’s code of ethics is protecting consumer’s privacy, employee’s
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While reading the Hershey’s code of ethics I was intrigued by how the Hershey company has a “social-spatial perspective” (Cuseo, Thompson, Campagna, Fecas, 2016, p. 30). Not only are they implementing ethical codes to benefit their company but rather to benefit shareholders, employees, the market space and the global community (“Code of Ethical”). They are looking beyond just their company and are trying to see the impact that their products make in society. In addition, I would work for the Hershey company because their commitment to the consumers. Hershey’s make sure to produce safe, environmental friendly and well produced…show more content…
The five most important values to me are education, respect for others, privacy, ethical practice and community. I strongly believe that the Hershey company advocates my values to its best potential. For example, the Hershey company has helped the community by donating to charities such as Children’s Miracle Network, United Way and donates their time to nonprofit organizations (Briddell, K). Furthermore, the Hershey company has provided education for over more than 2,000 disadvantaged children by creating the Milton Hershey School (Briddell, K). In addition, the Hershey company advocates for privacy and ethical practice in the workplace. This company prevents files, contacts and the consumer’s personal information from being exposed to the public (“Code of Ethical”). Lastly and most importantly, the Hershey company doesn’t discriminate based on gender, religion, sexual orientation etc. I would not ever work for a company that advocated hate and prejudices. I believe in equal opportunities and so does The Hershey
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