What Is An American Scholar, By Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The two readings, What Is An American, by St. Jean de Crevecoeur, and, The American Scholar, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, compare and contrast under the circumstances between nature and the wilderness. These two texts outline the authors understanding of how nature and the wilderness contribute to the American culture. Through Crevecoeur and Emerson’s points of view, you are able to distinguish the different ways in which their two views vary. Thus, Crevecoeur and Emerson’s views about nature back up their theories but are dissimilar in many ways. In Crevecoeur’s, What Is An American, he explains his views on nature. There is a distinct connection between human growth and physical growth. He stated, “we are nothing but what we derive from the air we breathe, the climate we inhabit, the government we obey, the system of religion we profess, and the nature of our employment”(Crevecoeur 3). This proves that Crevecoeur believes that the people of the new land need to flourish and develop with the land. They are nothing more then the land they live on and in order to prosper they need to grow with the land and the society as it establishes its new culture. When Crevecoeur states, “we are nothing but what we derive from the air we breathe, the climate we inhabit”(3), he is mentioning how those who choose to live away from society, are worth less than the people who live in the city. He believes that if you migrate to this new land then you should contribute to society and become
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