What Is An Ideal University Essay

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The mailbox hardly seems like a place to make what could be one of the most important decisions of your life: finding the right college. Yet for me, the mailbox has become a window into my future, and just the right place to make such a monumental decision. After seeing the infamous green and white of a Tulane letter, the intrigue I first had about college turned to both confidence and interest. More than just sparking my interest, these letters showed me that, as an aspiring community leader and medical professional, I can pursue the hands-on approach of Tulane’s Public Health programs, the school’s unique culture and customs, and the inspiring focus that students put on community service and engagement. Tulane University has truly…show more content…
At Tulane, experiences are at the forefront of student culture and involvement. Why just say that you’re a new Tulanian, when you can experience it as you attend an annual Convocation, complete with a New Orleans style welcome? Even more exciting is the mutual traditions shared by all Tulane students, such as the bead tree, with its wide branches extended to receive the weight of the students’ Mardi Gras adventures. From Crawfest to the university’s marching band, Tulane offers students from every cultural background unique college experiences that only rival the city that they take place in and the people that provide them Although Tulane may be famous for its experience-centered culture, it is also famous for a far more important culture: one of community engagement. Having had both academic and professional experience in community service, it is eye-opening as a student to realize the service possibilities that arise out of attending a school like Tulane. Not only has the university placed such a large emphasis on public service, but has also made community engagement a core requirement of the undergraduate curriculum. The Center for Public Service, practically the first organization of its kind on the modern college campus, enables students to connect their Tulane education with its practical impacts in public
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