What Is An Information Society?

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What is an Information Society and how to we define Australia’s place in it. That is the question we have been asked to evaluate. This question in itself is as ambiguous as the key terms surrounding it. For example Information Science can be defined as 'a multidisciplinary field of study, involving several forms of knowledge, given coherence by a focus on the central concept of human recorded information’ (Bawden, 2012, page 3) or ‘the science and practical dealing with the effective collection, storage, retrieval and use of information, It is concerned with recordable information and knowledge, and the technologies and related services that facilitate their management and use’. (Bawden, 2012, page 2) Secondly, Information is probably one of the most used terminologies, however it is one of the least understood terms. The term Information can be defined as fragmented knowledge, knowledge packaged for a user and even the pattern of organisation of matter and energy, given meaning by a living being (Bawden, 2012, page 65-67). Data and knowledge are the same they both have conflicting definitions, Bawden (2012, page 67) gives several definitions of data being ‘the portion of the entire information environment available to a sensing organism that is taken in or processed by that organism’ or ‘information selected or generated by human beings for social purposes’. Another definition that is important to identify is knowledge and one meaning of this key term is information
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