What Is An Interdependent?

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When someone says the word family, what comes to your mind? Personally, I would imagine running in a lake where lived varies of birds, fish and algae. In fact, I grow up in such a traditional Chinese family as an interdependent aquatic ecosystem. But in a dilemma, some independent thoughts I learn elsewhere also attract and affect me. Usually, independent minds urge me act at my own will; on the contrary, interdependent minds remind me to pay attention on others. Hence, I may feel tired when facing traditional family affairs, just as running in the water. The water seems soft but actually constrains me. In my opinion, how to tactfully exist in an interdependent context is really a kind of art for a double-faced person like me.
Every Spring Festival, elder relatives and friends would give me lucky money in red envelopes out of courtesy. For me, receiving red envelopes is definitely a typical time to test my acting skills. Interestingly, something dramatic may happen in this occasion. One noon in Spring Festival, I was playing Temple Run in bedroom when aunt Chen visited my parents. After a long time, vaguely, I heard quick footsteps approaching me. Then aunt Chen suddenly opened my room door with grin, and handed me a red
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There are three main reasons: firstly, entirely divorcing from original ideological moral framework is extremely hard for a person to make it; secondly, those interesting clash and experiences between independent and interdependent are treasures that will support me to exist in more complex cultural context in the future; and finally, both independent and interdependent cultures have distinctive merits and drawbacks. Figuratively, culture is just like lake; if running in the water is hard for me, just try to swim, or sink. Therefore, the best way for me is to utilize them tactfully rather than blindly escape from one of the
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