What Is An Internship? How Does It Fit Into A College Education? Essay

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I.A. Based on your experience, what is an “internship”? How does it fit into a college education?
According to my own experience, an internship is a practical experience of work in a specific field of interest. It is a window opportunity through which a college student can apply what has been theoretically learned in reality. It can enhance a student’s academic skills and develop his/her career expertise in the future. An internship can have different names depending on cultures and use of terminology; some people may call it practicum; others may name it as fellowship. An internship can be either paid or unpaid, however the general purpose of such kind of learning is to further sharpen a student’s skill and experience in a related major. Some students do not have practical experience as what they learn in a classroom different from the reality setting and under tough circumstances or uncertain situations. A student needs to deal with actual situations that have real issues and think over finding solutions to those issues as fast as possible. Usually, to be an intern has some requirements by a company, particularly those big ones. Interns are dealt with as employees and they have to report to office depending on the schedule agreed upon beforehand.
Internship fits the college education in a way that it prepares students to the labor market. Students go apart from their colleagues in the classroom and have to work independently to face the new workplace setting with all

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