What Is An Online Database?

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What is an online database? A database is a collection of information that is organised so that it can be easily accessed, managed, and updated. Databases can contain several types of content: bibliographics, full-text, numeric, and images (s1). This is most commonly done in a table because of its easy to read data, it ability to compare and find data. An online database is a database that is accessed from a network, the most common example of this is on the internet, and unlike if it were a local database held on a computer only connected to an internal network or a computer (s2) How to implement an App Inventor 2 Database In App inventor there are two components that allow the programmer to add a database functionality these are…show more content…
After installing it, the launcher needs to be run • A server will need to be downloaded a run called customtinywebdb • This will allow users to connect to it over a local network as a local host • If I wish I can add a capacity for it to be port forwarded by using a hosting service, hosting it across the internet ourselves or using a networking tool to allow people on the network to connect (s5) TinyDB also use Online database risks and costs Firstly to use an online database a computer will be required, and one that is almost permanently turned on. Some databases require redundant computers as a backup, the laptop booking program does not require this because if it crashes it will only stop people from booking out laptops as opposed to programs that manage money or government data, it does not have to be extensively reliable. The program can also be run on the cloud for a small charge that will be more reliable, does not require a dedicated system and will have better security. A dedicated computer is not important however if one is needed then it will probably come at a very cheap price as running a database does not require much power. As previously mentioned while this program does not require the highest reliability, it does require security, this will likely come in the form of a password that will be changed periodically, probably every six months or annually. There will also have to be internet security measures and while it will not allow the hacker to take
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