What Is An Operating System?

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What is an operating system? [1] The low-level software that manages the hardware resources of a computer in an efficient manner and schedule different tasks is known as an OS (operating system) of a computer. Without an OS a computer is not able to do anything and it is useless. Main hardware components of an operating system are; • Main memory (RAM) which stores different DataInstruction and execute them. • Input/output devices (I/O devices) this includes as flash memory, and keyboards etc. • CPU controls operation of computer system and controls scheduling of different processes and instructions. • Bus this connects components together and carries information between components An OS gives an environment in which is able to execute different programs, i.e. Use memory, input/output (I/O), management of files and different computer resources, deciding between various competing demands. OS is the most crucial part of a computer which handles the software and hardware and all of computer 's memory and processes. Every part of main memory, every file and processes is controlled by an OS An operating systems includes four essential subsystem managers; • Memory Manager • Processor Manager • Device Manager • File Manager These managers monitor their resources continuously which handles the scheduling processes during which they de-allocate and allocate the resources. Users can directly interact with the operating system through a GUI or by using an interface of command
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