What Is Ange Postecoglou?

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Ange Postecoglou was appointed as the Manager of the Brisbane Roar football team. Generally, the duties of a manager are to oversee the team members, to plan objectives that lead towards overall goals, to support the team members by planning set goals, providing directions, training as well as coordinating (Rita Milios, 2011). Managers deal with system processes, budgets and equipment in order to fulfill their tasks (David I. Bertocci, 2009). Moreover, as stated in the case study, Postecoglou also managed the relationships between the team, the stakeholders, the sponsors as well as the media. On the other hand, a leader is a person who creates and communicate the overall vision, establishes overall goals related to that vision and sets a direction…show more content…
He believed that his vision “would deliver long-term results” . • Observer : He was aware of his competitors (part of the general environment) and only kept the club’s board informed of his strategy. • Result-oriented : His accomplishment can be measured in the number of thirsty six consecutively won games. • Attracting talent : He “personally scouted and recruited” players who would accept to adapt the strategic style he had planned. He sought the right people to achieve the vision and then developed the team “through coaching and mentoring in order to achieve greatness” (Rick Johnson). Most importantly, Postecoglou can be considered as a transformational leader. According to Bertocci, the transformational leader has “the abilitity to inspire and motivate followers to achieve results that exceed expectations”. Postecoglou undeniably inspired by remaining convinced and consistant throughout his time with the Roar (particularly by remaining calm during the games as he was sure that the strategy would pay off). He also motivated the players by linking rewards to performance (the Roar went from being a poor team to being a very good team) and therefore was able to win thirty six consecutive
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