What Is Angela's Abuse?

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Whilst progressing through the story of fen, you discover that Angela (Becky’s stepmom) physically and mentally abuses Becky, this is delineated by the way Angela speaks to Becky: “Wouldn’t want to be the mother of a filthy little cow like you. Pity you didn’t die with her.” (Churchill, 1990: 153). An example of the physical harm forced onto Becky is when Angela demands Becky to drink a hot drink whilst in tears. This abuse also demonstrates how damaged Angela is as a person and it becomes clear that when Angela is harming Becky, she is hurting herself: “There’s a pain somewhere. I can see so far … I can hurt you, can’t I? … I have to hurt you worse. I think I can feel something. It’s my own pain.” (Churchill, 1990: 189) Hurting Becky is a
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