What Is Anthropology? How Does Observing With An Anthropological Manner Help Us Understand The World?

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What is anthropology? How does observing with an anthropological manner help us understand the world? According to Kenneth Guest, anthropology is: “The study of the full scope of human diversity, past and present, and the application of that knowledge to help people of different backgrounds better understand one another” (Guest 7). Anthropology helps one better understand and engage with the world as he or she moves through it. Specifically, cultural anthropology is: “The study of people 's communities, behaviors, beliefs, institutions, including how people make means as they live, work, and play together” (Guest 16). Where culture, is the learned and shared knowledge that people use to generate behavior and interpret experience (Leynse…show more content…
I spoke to a few e-board members discussing as to why I was here. One of the e-board members, took it upon herself to teach and inform me about the their club culture. Thus, BK* became my key informant. I decided to do my fieldwork in an participation observant manner (involves both participation in and observation of the life of the people being studied (Guest 82)). Based on the sign in sheets provided by BK, on average about 20 QC students attend the meetings. Since Queens College is a multi-cultural society, people from all walks of life attend these meetings, Hindus and non-Hindus. Usually at the meetings, the e-board members (comprised of 4 people) discuss upcoming events, goals and plans for the club, and new ideas to better the club. However, the day I observed, the club was having e-board elections. All the positions, (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure) were open. BK told me: “Any HSA member, including current e-board members, can run for a position. Each runner will provide a short speech as to why he or she should be elected. Once all the speeches are done, the members will vote on who they think is the most qualified for a position. But the current e-board has the final say. The e-board will take into consideration into what everyone has said and decide based on that.” The e-board said I was allowed to vote for whomever I thought was best fit for each position. As time progressed, the room in the Student Union building

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