What Is Arnis

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What is Arnis?
The names Arnis, Eskrima and Kali refer to weapons based martial art developed from ancestry in the Philippines. The Philippines are an archipelago of islands, and the names used vary with region. The art is referred to as Arnis in various regional languages, such as Pananandata in Tagalog; Pagkalikali, Ibanag; Kabaraon and Kalirongan, Pangasinan; Kaliradman, Bisaya; and Didja, Ilokano.
Arnis is declared as the Philippine National Martial Art and Sport. There are three (3) phases of Arnis; first Stick such as rattan, kamagon and bahi. Arnis sometimes called pang-or, kali, escrima, estocada, muton, baston and espada, second the Bladed weapon: kampilan, utak balisong, pinsawali, susuwat, kambantuli, janap, banjat,
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Arnisadors believe that training with baston builds manual agility and a train faster’s conditioned responses. The various Arnis exercises are certainly very fast, and typically include either programmed or semi programmed exchanges of attack and defense using the sticks. Although weapons based, Arnis also included striking with the hands and feet, wrestling, grappling and even some ground fighting. Additionally, many of the armed offensive and defensive techniques may be used empty handed. Thus, Eskrima offers practical defenses against most hand weapons.



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Arnis is a Filipino art of self-defense, and to be able to appreciate the history such an art, it is essential to look into the brief story of the country or people where the fighting art developed and still exists. The Philippines is composed of 7,200 islands situated between the South Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. It is claimed by historians to be more than millions of years old and was formerly a part of the Asiatic Continent before the “land bridges” that connected it to the mainland were submerged by natural upheavals. The strategic location of the Philippines became an attraction to the neighboring people around it who eventually

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