What Is Art?. R. James

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What is Art?
C.L.R. James, in full Cyril Lionel Robert James (born Jan. 4, 1901, Tunapuna, Trinidad—died May 31, 1989, London, Eng.), West Indian-born cultural historian, cricket writer, and political activist who was a leading figure in the Pan-African movement . He wrote several books, including his well-known study of the Haitian Revolution, The Black Jacobins, and Beyond a Boundary .
Key Words: Cricket, Tactical Value, Significant Form, Movement or Motion
Thesis, James in his essay, (What is Art) argues that cricket must be included amongst the arts and not as bastard or a poor relation, but a full member of the community. Additionally, “He claims that cricket is an art, with aesthetic values as rich as sculpture or theater or painting.” (p. 416)
James opens his essay with those questions what is art? Is it mere entertainment or is it an art?
He emphasizes that cricket is art, and not mere entertainment: “It is a game and we have to compare it with other games. It is an art and we have to compare with other arts.” (p. 417)
He distinguishes between the images of the fine arts and the images of cricket: “whereas in the fine arts the image of tactical values and movement, however, effective, however, magnificent, is permanent, fixed, in cricket the spectator sees the images constantly rec-reacted, and whether he is a cultivated or not, has standards which he carries with him always.” (p. 424)
Cricket is first and foremost a dramatic spectacle. It…

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