What Is Attitude Essay

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Attitude is a choice in which each of us choose to take but often, we forget we have a choice at all. Attitude can be a powerful tool for positive action or a poison that cripples your ability to fulfil your potential. Your attitude determines whether you are living life or life is living you. It also determines whether you are on the way or in the way. So to speak, self-confident people may suffer setbacks, get dragged down by hard times, or make mistakes, but they still believe they will be successful and come out being victorious. In the other way round, those who don’t believe in themselves never seem to find their way and due to this, they often seem to drift with the tides. To everything we do in life, choice is the beginning or starting point and by changing our attitudes, we automatically change our lives. If you want a positive attitude, you will need to be committed enough to work at/on it and once you have discovered those things that have been holding you back, then it is time to look ahead and analyze where you want to go. To achieving success in life, it is necessary…show more content…
The limits of our mind-set is enough to determine the boundaries of our future. When we become fixated on the problems, we become paralyzed but when we look ahead for solutions, we are indirectly taking responsibility and some measure of control over our lives. Thus, it is up to you to assign a value or meaning on the point of view you decide to take. You can turn attitude into action to find purpose and passion but lack of vision will definitely get you lost. Comfort zones can be treacherous when you believe that, “I just can’t leave what I’m familiar with, no matter the level of frustration I get.” So, it is easy to become angry about standing still but being afraid to move and if you don’t make the move, sooner or later, life makes a move on
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