What Is Australia's Physical Features And Climate

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Task 1
Discuss Australia’s Physical features and climate
1.-3. Name of Lake and location lake.
- Lake Eyre, South Australia
- Lake Argyle, Western Australia
- Lake St. Clair, Tasmania 4.-6. Name of River and location of river. - Yarra River, Victoria - Marry River, New South Wales - Cooper Creek, Through Queensland and South Australia 7.-9. Name of mountain and location of mountain. - Mountain Ossa, Tasmania - Mountain Coolum, Queensland - Mountain Kosciuszko, New South Wales 10.-12. Name of desert and location of desert? - Great Sandy, Western Australia - Simson Desert, Queensland - Pedirka Desert, South Australia 13. -14. Describe the climate of South Australia?
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- The Largest lake in Australia is Lake Eyre, South Australia.
23.What is the largest desert in Australia? - The largest desert in Australia is Great Victoria Desert, South Australia.
24. Australia’s climate is governed largely by it’s size and by the hot, sinking air of the subtropical high pressure belt. This moves north and south with the seasons so that the rainfall pettern over Australia is highly sesonal. Australia’s rainfall is lowest with frequent droughts lasting seveval seasons thought to be caused in part by the El Nino-Southern. I like Melbourne of Victoria the Autumn and Spring seasons, with colourful in fall bloom, is fully of maple trees on the street everywhere and the temperature is not hot and not cool it’s perfect for me.
Task 2
Investigate an environmental issue of significance in Australia Global Warming and Climate Change
25. Which areas of Australia are affected by Climate Change0?
- All of areas of Australia are affected by climate change.
26. How does Climate change affect the people of Australia? - Some people are predicting that in the next hundred years temperature until rise by 4 degrees. That might not sound like much but according to a new report the consequences could be really serious.
27. How is climate change damaging the Australia environment? Think aboput the land, watewr and animals. - the
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