What Is Beard Style Is Right For Me?

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What Beard Style is Right for Me? If you’re anything like me, you’re always experimenting with your beard to see what looks best. Your mirror is your best friend, well, sometimes anyway. The fact that you keep experimenting means something. It just never seems like you have it right. So, the mirror is really only useful for seeing the results of your endeavor. It doesn’t do much in the way of telling you what to do. What beard style is right for you depends greatly on the shape of your face. Thus, we spend the first part of this blog post talking about faces and employing the mathematical principles of geometry to the effort. I’ll bet you were one of those people that couldn’t understand why they made you study geometry in…show more content…
My personal take on that is that a square face is proportional in every way. Who can bad mouth proportionality? Everything else is flawed in some way. Here we have an example of a square face. The characteristics are simple to understand. All four sides of the face are equal in length with an internal angle of 90 degrees at each corner. That definition comes from the website MathisFun. I wouldn’t want anybody, not to have some fun while going through this progression of mathematical trivia. In any case, you can see the proportionality of the shape and the fullness of the features. When growing your beard, you’re not trying to correct some oddity of shape, so you’re free to keep it close trimmed and neat to improve masculinity. The look you seek is to accentuate the square jaw with some distinct, visible lines. The oval face is a shape you can’t go wrong with so far as beards are concerned. So long as you can grow facial hair, patchy, thick or whatever, you can create a look that will be pleasing. You can clearly see the distinction of the oval face as compared to the round face above. Again, from our friends at MathisFun, we get this insight into what oval is, “An oval or ovoid is any curve that looks like an egg or an ellipse.” Practically speaking, the length from scalp to chin is longer than the width from ear to ear. You are free to go wild and crazy with a bear style with this shape of the face.
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